I am a product manager / director and was an engineer for many yrs before that. I've led engineering teams before, currently leading product and design for a large project at my current role. Also started a company before this, which folded...but I got a ton of experience out of that. I feel people could benefit from my successes and failures, and I'd like to become a mentor at 500 startups but I don't know who to approach or where to start. Any ideas? (ps. I cold-emailed a few of the mentors at 500 startups, with what I thought was a thoughtful email...but got no response)

As a 500 Startup mentor I would suggest the following
1) Blog about distribution, design and data. Those are the things that 500 values most and usually the fastest way to get on their radar.
2) Interact with @davemcclure (and all other partners) on Twitter
3) Attend geeks on a plane or other events they host.

It's all about relationships and perception, so create opportunities to increase the probability of showing them that you have skills that are relevant to the companies they invest in.

Hope that helps.

Answered 6 years ago

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