Time spent on operations verses trying to find the right partner that sees the vision, assets and opportunity to grow a great company is the challenge. Execute and create value or spent time on a result that might not occur when searching for resources. At CONTRIB, should we Let it come or seek and find is our time management question.

There are a couple of key questions embedded in your decision that aren't addressed in your description that make this difficult to provide input:

What are you looking to gain with a partnership? (capital, connections, expertise, access to customer base)
How much and on what timeline?
To use for what specifically? (equipment, facilities, labor, marketing)
How will it enable you to grow? (efficiencies, new markets, additional revenue streams)
Is your objective incremental organic growth, "hockey stick" growth or other?
How urgent is the need? (Do you have working capital? Are you pre-revenue, break even or positive? Is it sustainable?)

Happy to discuss in detail once I have a bit more perspective on your situation.


Answered 8 years ago

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