So I have two business ideas that I am fully committed to starting. One of them is a clothing company that I have been wanting to start for quite sometime now. The other is a online company that I am insanely stoked about trying to start up. The thing is, I am starting the clothing brand with a buddy of mine. So it will be a little easier to focus on both with having someone accompany me while I'm starting the other. I am very young(turning 20) and have a part time job, but just want to see what others think about this. I know internet start ups can be difficult especially with no technical experience, but I'm just so eager to get things started. Thanks for the responses in advance!

Although I teach my clients how to create multiple streams of income, I would definitely say focus 100% of your attention on the business that you are MORE PASSION about. It will take passion to launch and continue to drive that first business and keep it successful. Once you've mastered the ins and out of the business you are more excited about, then you'll have the track record and the confidence to venture out into territory with a new multiple stream of income with the next business. The quicker you get rolling with the first one, the sooner the next business can follow quickly behind!

If you need assistance, tools or just a ear to bounce ideas off of, request a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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