So I have two business ideas that I am fully committed to starting. One of them is a clothing company that I have been wanting to start for quite sometime now. The other is a online company that I am insanely stoked about trying to start up. The thing is, I am starting the clothing brand with a buddy of mine. So it will be a little easier to focus on both with having someone accompany me while I'm starting the other. I am very young(turning 20) and have a part time job, but just want to see what others think about this. I know internet start ups can be difficult especially with no technical experience, but I'm just so eager to get things started. Thanks for the responses in advance!

This is definitely NOT recommended.

Don't waste time trying to figure out WHY this is a bad idea. Just choose one venture and get to work.

You are obviously passionate about your ideas. That passion will help you get through some of the challenges you'll no doubt have to face in the very near future.

But in my experience passion is not enough (at least not in business!).

I'd HIGHLY suggest you work out an initial business model before you invest any money.

At the very least - do what you can to learn if there is a market this is equally excited AND that they are willing to pay for it AND that you can build a viable business around that product / market match.

WARNING: Assuming that any of those factors are true without completing your due diligence BEFORE you get started is a recipe for failure.

Since you are a "new entrepreneur" it would be wise to invest in a mentor. Find one here on Clarity - or tap your personal network.

If what I've said resonates with you let's talk and I will help get you off to a strong start.

In any case - I wish you the best of luck and great success!

Answered 7 years ago

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