Our behavior change software is to reverse diabetes in its early stages, we can find projections on cost saving with mobile health, and we can find easily the exorbitant cost of lifestyle disease in general (75% of healthcare costs). Assuming our product does not suck and their patients will use it to stabilize their weight or even lose a little, how can we build realistic cost savings projections to close our deal?

First off, sounds like a great product. I have a family member with diabetes and this is something they could have used years ago.

I worked with Tom Nagle who wrote the bible on b2b pricing and he taught me to always think about the immediate problem you're solving for your customer and what value that delivers.

In your case that could mean your app increases attendance at diabetes info sessions because patients are having more fun. Or decreases missed appointments (which had an easy to calculate cost) because that functionality is built into your fun app. You need to figure out what's the immediate pain your relieving for the healthcare provider and sell on that, not long-term potential cost savings.

Happy to brainstorm and share some
techniques on zeroing in on how you solve an immediate problem.

Answered 7 years ago

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