Your question (the wording) suggests you are stuck - and it's likely due to HOW you are perceiving your situation versus WHAT your actual situation is and resources are.

Before you jump into starting a business I'd suggest you consider the following:

1. Invest some time in figuring out what resources you DO have. Everyone has resources available to them at all times. The trick is to SEE them and creatively use them to your advantage. If you master this ability (to see resources and apply them profitably) you have a good chance making it as an entrepreneur. If you don't (or won't) then your chances of success are slim at best.
(For creative ideas on resourcefulness watch a couple of episodes of Macgyver on Youtube or check out this Macgyver wiki And yes, this is a bit on the goofy side but it might do you some good to get a new definition of resourcefulness. And if a sappy '80s tv show helps you do that then that's a "win" in my book)

2. Study marketing. A lot. The best entrepreneurs I know are masters of marketing. If you have to ask "How do I get clients?" then you really have no business starting a business. That may sound harsh - but in my experience it's absolutely true.

3. Learn to ask better questions. In point of fact - I seriously considered not responding to your question at all. It actually irritated me the first time I read it. But on second thought I decided to respond with the hope that you and others in your position would read my response and consider this point:

If you want better answers - ask better questions.

This is true not only of the questions you ask OTHERS but of the questions you ask YOURSELF.

TIP: If you want a ton of great answers from experts who can really help you - ask them questions that excite and inspire them to respond.

If you'd like direction on how to get unstuck and move in the direction of building a successful business - give me a call.

In any case I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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