I have a start up idea, but not very much technical experience. I have a little, but not enough to create what's in my head. What would be the best way to get started. This would be my very first start up and would like to try and do things as correctly as possible with very little costs because I am a college student. Would creating a business plan and a landing page be the ideal way to go? I know in order to gain some traction, investors, or a technical cofounder I would need to show that there's a need, want or desire for my service. I do know a few sport celebrities that can possibly help me get this out. How should I go about this?

Ideas for start ups are easy: the ability to execute an idea is what makes an idea (and you) valuable.

Starting a successful business begins with the willingness to fail. You won't get everything right, but you will learn a lot in the process. Beyond that, "extensive customer development" (as Tom Williams suggested) will save you valuable time and money. Create a hypothesis, then go out and ask people whether it is something they are interested in. Allow your idea to shift based on what you learn.

Also, start before you are ready, and get your prototype in front of as many people as possible to get valuable customer input. That doesn't mean you need to implement every change they suggest: the real value is the dialogue from such a partnership. You will gain great insight into your business from these discussions.

Surround yourself with other budding entrepreneurs, even if it's just virtually. A mastermind group can be a great source of support and insight to keep you moving towards your goal. Listening to founder stories are also useful. Some great podcasts I'd recommend: "The Fizzle Show: Honest Online Business Advice" and "Seth Godin's Start Up School". There's many more, but those two top my list.

If you feel you could use benefit from some goal clarity to make sure that when you get where you're going that it's someplace you actually want to be, I'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Hope that helps!

Answered 7 years ago

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