I have a start up idea, but not very much technical experience. I have a little, but not enough to create what's in my head. What would be the best way to get started. This would be my very first start up and would like to try and do things as correctly as possible with very little costs because I am a college student. Would creating a business plan and a landing page be the ideal way to go? I know in order to gain some traction, investors, or a technical cofounder I would need to show that there's a need, want or desire for my service. I do know a few sport celebrities that can possibly help me get this out. How should I go about this?

No one is going to get motivated by a business plan or for that matter, a landing page.

Your first step as a first-time, non-technical founder must always be to prove that your idea is not crazy. This means that you must do extensive customer development as comprehensively as possible.

This could be that you build a landing page that converts into hundreds of qualified leads, it could be that you have a customer that has provided at least a verbal that if you build it, they'll pay for it or better yet, is willing to prepay. At the very least, it should be 100+ recorded or verifiable customer interviews all indicating that they want the vision you're outlining.

From there and only after that has been achieved, would I begin by recruiting a technical cofounder. Search through my past answers on my profile to find how to recruit a technical cofounder. You want only a commitment that if you can raise money within the next 120 days on this idea of yours, a commitment that they will join. Anything more than that, and it's likely too big of an ask.

Then, you need to raise money. Enough money to fund at least the cost of your technical founder to live while focusing 100% on this for 9 months.

Being a non technical co-founder is REALLY hard. It can be done but I really don't suggest most people try it as their first foray into startups. It's better to join an existing team and learn so much from being with a great entrepreneur that you admire and respect.

But if you really want to jump into this, happy to do a call with you.

Answered 7 years ago

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