So I'm a 19 year old college student with a website and app idea that I believe can thrive in today's society. I've contacted multiple developers but they are all so expensive. I have no where near the capital to build what I want to build. I've considered learning how to code but with having a job and focusing on school it's kind of been hard. I have read that some start ups have presented a business plan to investors and acquired some funding. Would this be the ideal way to go? Also, how would I go about building a team? It's only me right now, but I feel like I would need some guidance by someone that has had experience in this. So how do you guys think I should go about this?

Try and find someone your age that can code and persuade them to join you on your journey. It's either that, or learn to code. I've done both.

Learning to Code
+ many other.

Finding a Co-Founder
- Go to meetups
- Find a school that teaches computer science
- Find someone on

The truth is there's 100 ways to solve your problem, but it will take risk and based on your question it doesn't seem like you're willing to take any. If you believe in your idea, it may mean sacrificing school? If you're not willing to risk that, then why should an investor risk his capital on you? It just shows your conviction.

Not everyone is suppose to be an entrepreneur. If you are, you'll need to step up and take action.

P.S. I started when I was 17. Failed. Tried again at 19. Failed. Kept at it till I was 24. Won. Again at 29. Won. Again at 31. Still going (= Clarity). Just start.

Answered 8 years ago

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