I'm a 20 year old student studying Graphic Design. I occasionally get clients who would like me to completely redo their website such as designing a custom theme, adding plugins and doing it all with wordpress.

It depends on quite a few factors:
- How much experience do you have?
- How much available time do you have?
- What do you like doing?

If you can't commit full time to a project during the week because of school, you can focus on one element of a site design, and outsource the rest.

Will you be customizing existing themes or writing new ones completely from scratch? Pricing will vary based on all of these answers, and it's a broad spectrum.

I recommend some of these resources: (he's on Clarity too and you could chat with him)

I also recommend figuring out the ideal rate for the lifestyle you have or want:

Good luck - happy to chat more if you'd like!

Answered 6 years ago

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