Hey Everyone, I currently have an idea for a start up that I have been working on for about a year. I have done a lot of market research, validation, and I have a launch page setup that people have gone to and signed up for my mailing list. I am currently in high school so I am on summer break right now and would really like to get something going on my time off. I do have money saved up to hire freelance web developers if i have to. What would you recommend I do next? Learn to code myself, hire a freelancer web developer, work on finding a tech co founder, or any other suggestions. Thanks!

What are you best at ?
Focus on that and outsource the rest .

Are you a Math Whiz Kid?
Learn to program. Hire a few marketeers.

Are you are brilliant marketeer?
Then hire a firm and Run the marketing side of the business.

Are you a finance mastermind?
The leave the marketing and development to a proffeisonal.

In the end your product quality matters and you can't be the best at everything. Focus on one field . Hire amazing talent for the rest.

I run and have worked with various entrepreneurs in the Valley and from around the world.
I am happy to say evey single startup we built has been funded.
Feel free to email me if you wish at .

Answered 7 years ago

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