Hey Everyone, I currently have an idea for a start up that I have been working on for about a year. I have done a lot of market research, validation, and I have a launch page setup that people have gone to and signed up for my mailing list. I am currently in high school so I am on summer break right now and would really like to get something going on my time off. I do have money saved up to hire freelance web developers if i have to. What would you recommend I do next? Learn to code myself, hire a freelancer web developer, work on finding a tech co founder, or any other suggestions. Thanks!

Find a technical cofounder. Although it's possible to find good contractors, it takes a lot of experience to select the right ones and manage the process, something a first time entrepreneur almost always doesn't do well.

Learning to code yourself will keep you busy all summer and the remainder of the year and "learning to code" and making good technical decisions and doing everything required to maintain a techical operation are vastly different.

Find someone else who is young and passionate like yourself who has technical expertise and pair up with him or her.

Happy to answer other questions you have

Answered 7 years ago

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