Probably like most people, I have a large number of interests and love learning new things. As an entrepreneur, however, that means I end up taking on too much and not focusing on what might actually take my ideas the farthest. We have to be able to recognize opportunities, have ideas, validate ideas, build or find people to build those ideas, and pretty much convince everyone from potential customer to partner to investor that they need to give a damn. Since there's so much to do, it seems to me like being a great communicator is the number one skill an entrepreneur should focus on. You can learn to code if you have time, but without being able to find the right audience and deliver the message they want, you're not going to make it very far. You can try doing everything yourself, but you really should be communicating your vision to others to get them on board, so much so that they believe in your product enough that they'll volunteer their time to help you do something amazing. Those are my observations, but I'm really curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

As a one man band with an overflow of business at any given point in time I find that I have to wear all hats in my business so efficient use of time is critical for me. I follow these guidelines and it works well for me:

Take these four not-so-easy steps to be more in balance:

* Determine what's important to you. What do you value most no matter what?
* Keep those priorities right in front of your nose at all times.
* Say "No" to anything that detracts from your priorities.
* Spend your time on your priorities. Otherwise, they are not really your priorities. If you proclaim that your health is a priority, spit out the Twinkie and get moving.

Sit down with paper and pen, or PC and mouse. Answer these questions:

* What hats do you wear and what tasks come with each hat?
* What hats can you hang on the hat rack? You can always put a hat back on at a later date.
* In what order will you prioritize your hats? Hint: They can't all be number one.
* Have you delegated tasks and hats? Have you tossed unnecessary hats and tasks into the dumpster-o-life? Or do you keep precariously stacking hat upon hat?
* Have you made time for your physical, mental and emotional health? Remember, you can't give what you don't have.
* Are you laughing enough? Everyone will benefit if you get a grin.
* Cultivate simple pleasures that take less time and money. A walk with your family can be accomplished every week instead of waiting for the semi-decade wallet buster trip to Disneyland. Having more life balance is a choice. Choose or lose.

Answered 6 years ago

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