Hello, In Fall 2014, I am launching an online boat course for the state of Florida, which is accredited by the local government. What are good tips to successfully use Kickstarter or Indiegogo to pre-sell the service/raise money and raise awareness of my new company? For reference, our website is and our beta site is Thanks! Brian

Completely understand the need to raise funds in order to move forward with the vision of your business, but I'm not convinced kickstarter or indiegogo (or any other donation-based platform) is your best route.

Do some research on ways to conduct pre-sales, which is essentially what you need. I believe there are some nice wordpress themes + plugins that would allow you to start collecting leads and converting them to paying customers on a waitlist until you hit a specific number. That might be a good option. I believe bigcommerce and shopify also have apps that make that possible as well, if you want to go a more traditional ecommerce route.

Have you thought about just moving forward in a grassroots way-- signing people up one at a time face-to-face, until you have enough paying customers to get going?

Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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