Hello, I created, a free driving test prep website. It offers rule and sign, multiple choice questions to help you pass your written driving tests - 279 tests covering every vehicle type and state/province spanning 11 countries. We monetize via ads (Google AdSense/Admob). Our mobile apps gets 50k downloads/month, but our website only gets 10k UV/month, whereas competing websites ( and that only focus on the US market get 500k UV/month, or 50x the traffic we get! I know our content is good because of our successful apps, but we are not driving traffic to the website. How can I meaningfully increase traffic? Improve SEO? Obtain links from media? Thank you, Brian

Hey Brian - One great tip is to make a list of your top 5-10 competitor's sites and find out where they are getting traffic so you can do the same for your site.

Check out the example below:

Step 1: Go to Google and with your domain search for similar domains:

Step 2: The first competitor site I see is ( so I would make note of that domain.

Step 3. Go to and check the first domain (

Step 4. What you want to do is scroll down to the section that says "What sites link to ("

Step 5. Make a list of the referring pages IE:

Step 6. Repeat for the other competitor's domains.

This will give you a good idea of where each of your competitors are getting incoming links and traffic from.

Once you make a list of the URLs - see how you could duplicate what your competitors did to get those links. Typically this will involve answering related questions asked by others or emailing a site's Webmaster or the author of an article, etc.

This requires a little work but in the end you'll not just get traffic but you'll get qualified targeted customers over to your site that will convert and help you grow your business.

Hope that helps!

Take Care,
~Brett T. Smith

Answered 6 years ago

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