Hello, I created, a free driving test prep website. It offers rule and sign, multiple choice questions to help you pass your written driving tests - 279 tests covering every vehicle type and state/province spanning 11 countries. We monetize via ads (Google AdSense/Admob). Our mobile apps gets 50k downloads/month, but our website only gets 10k UV/month, whereas competing websites ( and that only focus on the US market get 500k UV/month, or 50x the traffic we get! I know our content is good because of our successful apps, but we are not driving traffic to the website. How can I meaningfully increase traffic? Improve SEO? Obtain links from media? Thank you, Brian

Getting website traffic is a tricky issue, unless we define 'traffic' in the right sense. An online advertisement gets impressions on the ad but it is not traffic to the website unless the ad impression is clicked and visitor reach your page, So online advertisements is a way to get traffic to the website without any page rank on generic search. But it is spending money. On any online advertisement platform one has to spend a lot money and bid against a keyword to get ad impressions. Out of hundred thousand impressions your get approximately 100 clicks.

For a beginner the best way to get traffic is keep writing good content. Useful content. Use all general and generic promotion techniques like promoting the website through search directories, social media promotions, forum promotion, email promotions. Try to get a good page rank with the content for a keyword that you would like to promote. The more back links from popular websites you get, you will be nearing your goal.

If you are a newbie

1. keep writing content once in two days. Let articles be of 1000 words long and content engaging.
2. Promote your website to your near and dear and take their negative comment and improve the content quality.
3. Sign up for all social media network and create your blog pages.
4. Go to every website with similar content as of your page and contribute to that website with a comment. You get a back link
Wait for your turn.

For experts who can afford a spend

1. AdWords is the best way to get a quick promotion and traffic.
2. Face book and twitter ads will improve traffic
3. Outbrain is a good advertisement platform

Answered 5 years ago

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