I've been helping startups as VP Product and am now considering freelancing. Whether you're early stage or growth stage, I can see the need for a dedicated PM, but a good PM in whatever shape or form is way better than a dedicated average PM. So I'm curious - would you hire a freelance PM to help you out ?

You really have to question the organization you are in, or running, if you are outsourcing the lynchpin of your customer development and product development. This is especially important if you are at the early stage. If those full time invested in the company aren't setting the vision, which leads to the roadmap and then backlog to execute...then who is?

Different organizations view PM differently. Some confuse them with project managers...avoid at all costs. They don't know what they want: someone to set the vision because they don't have one and/or be the middleman between them and the engineers...again, avoid at all costs.

Answered 7 years ago

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