We have just launched our first version of our platform. Our team has decided to push releases weekly according to user feedback. How do we keep our product development on track? We are a self funded three founder team. What protocols are other Startups doing for this?

Here's what we do:

1. After each update, team continues to work on next milestone on the roadmap. Reaching that milestone can take 1-3 weeks based on complexity. If things are going well, this will become the next update.

2. We fork off a maintenance branch and work on hot issues - crash fixes, bug fixes, important enhancement requests. Sometimes this will be the next update.

We do weekly sprints and things are always dynamic but in general 2 rules:
1. Executing the roadmap (1) is top priority and hot fixes (2) is next.
2. Weekly updates are desirable but not necessary (it's OK to take 2 weeks to get the UX right and QA done).

Answered 8 years ago

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