We are developing our social and gamification strategy for our next release and we want to track Analytics of each shared link with click through rates. What are the link shorteners we should be utilizing? We have two kinds of links one will be a sharing of a level attained by drinking water in our app, a second is an "activate your health" share which may be shared from your health dashboard with our demographic's top 3 social networks or emailed specifically to "at risk " for diabetes loved ones.

I might suggest starting with Bitly and exploring the possibility of getting a custom branded shortener, which you can set up through Bitly once the domain is purchased. For example, my website is but I shorten all links to so it's more professional.

I feel like many other shorteners look like spam, but I'd say your safe with Bitly because it's widely used. A custom one would be even better!

Answered 7 years ago

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