We are developing our social and gamification strategy for our next release and we want to track Analytics of each shared link with click through rates. What are the link shorteners we should be utilizing? We have two kinds of links one will be a sharing of a level attained by drinking water in our app, a second is an "activate your health" share which may be shared from your health dashboard with our demographic's top 3 social networks or emailed specifically to "at risk " for diabetes loved ones.

I 100% recommend Linkhero. It's SO much better than and with added features to help you pixel your audiences (and their actions) re-direct traffic, and retarget. The founder of Linkhero is a good friend of mine. You're welcome to watch the video interview I did with him. Search "Trish Leto Link Hero" in YouTube and you'll find it. He also gives some awesome ninja traffic tips while sharing his screen during our interview. I've been using LinkHero for over a year and I love it. Hope this helps!

Answered a year ago

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