I'm the founder a non-profit Christian startup ministry. Our vision is to share the gospel using modern technology. We are currently building tools with which we hope to enable people know more about Jesus. More specifically, we are building a social network targetted at Christians ( and we hope to enable Christians know each other better with this. By building Christian connections, we hope to further leverage our platform to reach out to more people for Christ. The project has so far been funded from my personal savings (which have been exhausted), plus funds raised from family and friends. It's darn expensive paying programers, plus running ads and maintaining our facebook page. Our MVP for the network will launch in about 10 weeks or so, and I'm convinced that we will run into a few millions users within few months of launch. Considering server space and all the other costs, this project can't keep running on family and friends. How do we raise funds? I've really already thought about receiving money from investors, but the thing is, we are so passionate about preaching that, my young team and I are worried about the damage it might cause to us; considering the fact that investors will need a ROI, plus it will shift our vision from preaching, to making money. I already unsuccessfully tried 2 crowd-funding campaigns (that was without our MVP). Our focus is not to make money, but to preach; but we obviously need money to fund the preaching. Please advise....God bless you all...

The best way to raise money is using websites like or
Another approach is to put ads on your website (even though it's not done yet) and add a donation option to your website.

Answered 8 years ago

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