Start to clearify the higher purpose with your business. Then you can adress your purpose and values to other people that has the same values that you and your business have. The inner force can then start to work for you 24/7/365 when you execute on this 5 step-process:

1. Communicate that purpose to people with human-to-human-communications-skills.

2. Secure that does people have high authenticity and love to create quantifiable values to other people. Customers love to speak with honest and authentic people who can deliver on trust, as part of the foundation for a good relationship.

3. Neglecting coin-operated people. Does guys are leaving next time that they get better payd somewhere else, and is often more "me-focused" than customer-value-focused.

4. Create a incentives based on stock options for a fixed price over time, linked to KPIs that drive increased value-sales. Higher NPS (NetPromoterScore) and improving quality and sustainability in all customer dialogues.

5. Eat -> Sleep -> Rave -> Repeat (Rave = Your purpose)

Answered 6 years ago

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