We are a non-profit platform with a growing community soul. > < We help the talented writers to get their voices heard. We need a fundraiser, but we don't know what sort of qualities differentiate a good fundraiser from an ordinary one.

Hi MashStories!

I completely agree with Tom. Most donors, at the end, want to connect with the founder(s). Especially early on.

But, I will say if you are looking to hire, I would recommend you ask potential candidates how much funding they have previously secured (themselves), what is the size of their network, the type/quality of connections they have (check LinkedIn). Also, it depends on if you want a growth hacker (small gifts online) or a major gift officer. Usually, those are/can be two different people. Major gifts is all about relationships and grants, social is all about conversions and engagement. Hope that's helpful!! Good luck.

PS: This is my fav fundraising book:

Answered 6 years ago

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