My company offers internet marketing services to larger companies with higher budgets, but we are looking for simple ways to convey position ourselves as a premium brand and substantiate our current and future pricing. Our current service rates are about 2x what our competitors are charging, but we are looking for simple ways to substantiate our higher prices and some simple perks which we could offer clients which they would appreciate. Other than the obvious "improve service quality," all ideas are welcome, simple or not. Those who give solid and complete ideas/concepts to achieve our goal of positioning ourselves as a premium brand may be contacted by our company for further consulting.

In order to be recognized as a premium brand, you need to offer and deliver a premium quality that stands the reality test. If your product is premium, as you promises, just design a consistent and premium quality in all, all aspects. Create the premium aura. Be consistent over the time. Engage your people on a premium internal culture and behavior. Engage your client with a premium identity. Create the same psychic atmosphere that you live when you are in a luxury goods store.
There is no simple ways. There is ways to be sucessful. Build a premium way.

Answered 6 years ago

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