VP of Sales
Director of Sales
Sales Managers - manage different teams (AE's/AM's/CSM's/SDR's across different market segments: SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise).

Account Executives: focused on net new business
Account Managers: focused on retaining / up-selling existing business
Customer Success: often measured differently than Account Managers and role is to ensure customer is engaged and trained on product; sometimes CSM can mean AM and vice versa
(typically AE's/AM's/CSM's are on different teams selling into different market segments; SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise)

Sales Engineers: brought into deals by AE's / AM's as a technical expert to help close deals

Sales Development Reps: role is to generate leads for AE's (sometimes AM's also). Often are different types of SDR's (inbound versus outbound).

Other misc sales roles:
Head of Sales Operations
Head of Sales Enablement
Head of Sales Training

Answered 4 years ago

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