I am working with a b2b startup, which is a marketplace that connects clients and freelancers. They have a strong value proposition, and I want to help them generate leads through PPC. We ran one campaign and generated 60+ leads via ebook downloads (in 48 hours). The problem is that we don't have the bandwidth to followup with all of these leads, and they all slipped through the cracks. What ends up happening are zero conversions. Two questions: (1) how can we deal with this pipeline/follow-up issue and (2) are we at a stage where we need a CRM immediately? Or should we continue to deploy marketing campaigns?

Hi, I have supported some companies in a similar situation, so pretty sure I can help. I'm answering backwards:

(2) You should create somekind of CRM solution ASAP. There are various products out there, some free, some very cheap, some very expensive. The truth is that you're hemorrhaging money if you don't do something asap... Have you calculated how much revenue you have lost, already. If you haven't do so, it will give you a sense of urgency!
(1) You also might need some advice on your whole sales cycle. Create a sales process that allows you to start disqualifying leads. Maybe you need more leads, maybe you need more people, those are all answers that you can only start addressing once you have some kind of rudimentary sales process in place.

Willing to run you through what you need to get fixed (steps, plans...). Ask yourself, what is the point of running a b2b startup if you are only spending money on marketing and don't have any revenue... Always available for a call!

Answered 7 years ago

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