I worked in several start-up companies in India, unfortunately I was laid off due to Covid-19. The business owners there use cruel tactics to keep employee going. I remember I had a colleague of mine who was exceptionally good Software Engineer. The company just gave him false assurances and never paid him, ultimately, he had about 8 months of his salary pending. He finally got tired of it and one day quit. He was a poor man with a family to support. The CEO of the company warned him of dire consequences if he left, with life threats added insult to the injury. Finally, he asked me for help. I helped him out of this crisis as the company was trying to paint him in negative light. This is a very dirty tactics but is employed in several places in India.
If you ask me the best tactics will be to recruit employees who have no work experience but have a degree. These employees will be freshers from colleges and need job to gain experience to move up in life. I remember an incident in 2019 whereby for 21 days, more than 400,000 federal employees have worked without pay. Why? They have no choice. Their jobs are classified as vital to a basic level of government functioning. The requirement to report to work without knowing when they will be paid is both a condition and the reality of their employment.
So, if you can make coding “classified as vital to a basic level of government functioning” it will be a job people will work without pay. To do this you can merge your idea with a government agency that requires coding but may not be able to pay you. It may be a government charitable organization, or a major life-threatening disease treatment, or a job at local hospital. These are the four reasons why people may work free for you:
1. You'll gain legitimate exposure: Whether it is a blogger looking for free content or an organization looking for a webinar for its employees, the word exposure gets used liberally. But not all exposure is created equal. If your friend asks you to create his website for free in exchange for your name appearing in the fine print, will that really help you gain more clients? Well, it might if your friend is a world-famous blogger who garners millions of views every month. But even then, the exposure you gain is not likely to skyrocket your business. If, however, your friend agrees to write a blog post about how your websites are different and why people should hire you, the exposure you would gain could be worth it.
2. You'll gain real-life experience: Gaining experience could help you land a job. Whether it means taking pictures to build a portfolio for your photography business or speaking to audiences to gain paid speaking engagements down the road, working for free may be a productive step. But it is important to set a time limit on how long or how much work you will do for free. If you are still working for free after three years, you have a hobby -- not a business. It is also important to make sure you do not come across as desperate. Contacting strangers out of the blue to offer your services for free might backfire. Organizations may not take you seriously if you're not putting a price tag on your work.
3. You'll gain an impressive addition to your résumé: Certain types of volunteer work can boost your résumé. If you are a new blogger, you might decide it's worth your time to submit free content to high profile sites. Being able to say you have written for the Huffington Post, for example, sounds better than saying you have only ever published content on your own blog.
4. It is a cause you believe in: Of course, there are times when working for free is about giving, rather than gaining. So, if there is a charity or organization that could use your assistance, helping out could be time well spent. Just make sure you do not expect it to catapult your career.

Set limits on how much volunteer work you do. Whether you decide you can donate one hour per week or give one day per year, a concrete time limit can ensure you are not overextending yourself.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered a year ago

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