The best way to get paid speaking gigs is to build a following that is eager to hear you speak and willing to pay the price of admission. I started by speaking at community-organized events that are not run for a profit, so they are not able to pay speakers beyond offering free entry to the event. But those conferences tend to accept proposal submissions and many use a blind review process, offering opportunities to speakers who may not yet be well known.

After establishing a few successes and these types of events, and proving the value you provide to attendees both during the event and afterward, organizers of for-profit events will begin to seek you out. When there is a higher registration costs and more attendees, the organizers are more likely to be able to offer you an honorarium. You can begin by asking for reimbursement for your travel expenses and an honorarium of up to $500.

Then similarly, by building a track record at this level and proving you can fill seats, you will be able to demand increasing fees. As your following grows and you build your reputation, speaking rates can grow from $2000 up to $10000 for the most in demand speakers. Celebrities and household names can demand upwards of $25K per speaking engagement.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me on Clarity.

Answered 6 years ago

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