We are working on developing a social media strategy to actually reach pediatricians online. We are selling baby food and are completely open to using any social/community platforms (i.e. twitter, facebook, linkedin, G+ etc) to connect with our target audience. (1) Which platforms are suitable to generate leads? (2) What are the required steps to develop and implement a successful social media strategy for this target audience? Thank you!

Physicians are notoriously slow to adopt social media - especially as most Colleges and medical associations produce guidelines saying that they should not be interacting with their own patients online - see example A recent survey I saw had Facebook use among physicians was at only 18%. It's very similar for Linkedin and let's not even discuss Twitter.
Best way to get to them would be medical conferences and journals.
I would suggest you consider it that is a good channel for you even if you reach them. If your baby food has a medical benefit, than pediatricians may recommend it, but otherwise we usually don't discuss brands with patients.

Answered 7 years ago

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