When buying traffic from any partner (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even intext or email companies like Miva, Adconion, etc.) there is one thing you supply to them that is uniquely yours: the destination URL. Social updates, tweets, and emails that contain links to our destination sites also contain URLs that we provide as the originators of those updates we're sharing with our customers. This URL contains the parameters (if you choose to include them) that make it possible to later analyze the performance of your campaigns and adgroups in analytics. Many times, even when we think we've provided URLs with parameters to our traffic partners, or in a Tweet or Facebook share, we don't sometimes see the results in Analytics. Please let me know how often you've seen this issue, and what impact it may be causing.

Whatever digital marketing campaign you come up with, it surely starts with your website and boosting site traffic. If your marketing campaign is successful, you will see an increase in website traffic. Determining the source of your website traffic is crucial as you will easily find out which marketing channels are performing well, and which ones are not. If you notice that some of your marketing channels are not driving results, you can use this information to optimize your campaign and appeal to a wider audience. Paying awfully close attention to specific page views is just as important as tracking website traffic. Most marketing campaigns aim to guide the leads to the landing page. So, for the duration of your campaign, your landing page should see a significant spike in views. Such an approach will prove to be invaluable for your future marketing campaigns.
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