My software services company has been profitable and stable since 2001. I sold off part of the business to my original partner a few years ago, and now I am looking for a new partner who wants to handle business development, marketing, and the formulation of new products/services with me. A real partner, not just a salesperson. Places like founder2be, etc. aren't turning out to be a good match because I'm not really going for a growth + exit model. I'm focused on solid, steady, generous income instead of a massive exit. I'm looking for a partner who wants to profit share in a small, lucrative company and take advantage of a flexible schedule, work at home, and the ability to make a nice income while [truly] keeping a great work-life balance. Where would I find such a person?

I would try reaching out in various channels (like Linkedin mentioned above, Twitter or even scouring some meetup groups that might attract the person that might fit the expertise you are looking for) and presenting the value proposition.

Equally, If they have the right alignment ( background experience that speaks to the software business you have-- like experience with SaaS or PaaS or cloud based software companies as a mere example) you could ask them to do some "trial" work to see if it is a good fit (on say a 30-60 period). Most Marketing and Business Development folks are looking for interesting opportunities to solve problems and companies that have good growth potential (this doesn't mean growth to exit like you mentioned, but areas where they can see the business expand in logical ways that fit the business).

Good luck! Happy to help any further if needed.

Answered 8 years ago

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