I've been an entrepreneur for a long time (since 1990) and this subject is there in the highs, the lows ... there are so many times that I've felt this. I can really say I've had two lives, however, the first was when I was alone (Lone Ranger style). Even though I had business partners I had so much time when I felt I was all alone. And now ... where it is very different.

I can remember times that were so bad from a cash flow point of view that I would look at pan-handlers with a pot of money in a hat, or cup and think, "wow, they have more cash than I do right now."

Life for me changed when I joined a peer group for Entrepreneurs called Entrepreneurs Organization ( ... the impact on me, my business, my family and my ability to contribute to a greater good has been obvious to all that know me. I truly can say that I am a better person accomplishing more than I had thought possible since my journey with EO. That said, you have to have a business of more than $1 Million in USD sales per year to qualify for membership. There is an Accelerator program put on by EO, with many of the same benefits plus instruction to help grow your business - and all the instruction is put on by people who have DONE it before. You can get info about that at ...

But if neither of those things make sense to you ... I have written a number of blog posts on this subject. They are also podcasts so you can listen when you're on your way to and from meetings. They mostly deal with the fact that we can be our own enemies when we're in that low phase ... we need to ask for help from our teams, from our friends and from others.

The reality is that we all have baggage - as leaders and entrepreneurs we NEED to find people to help us unpack.

Here are some blogs for you to look at:
About a Forum of peers:
Vulnerability/Asking for help:
On riding the emotional roller coaster of being an entrepreneur:

I've been there ... just remember you are not alone.

Make it a great day!


Answered 6 years ago

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