We are midway through Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad course and our customer development in 5 market segments suggests we are dealing with a two sided market. Early adoption by consumers will clearly force enterprise adoption of the platform. We think our app is gamified and addictive and plan to rapidly add the social features necessary for viral growth. (within 14 days of initial product launch) Two Major health enterprise blogs whose readership encompasses every health leader in the country and every Government health leader in the country have asked me to write a post about my use of the app in my medical practice. How do we make sure to capitalize on the traffic to our website to get the most download/revenues with our quiet product launch. We project to be live in the ios store within 30 days.

My absolute first advice would be not to launch the app at a low price then raise it up later on. That's an absolute No No.

There is no real rule to price your app. My suggestion would be to look around the app store of similar apps to get an idea of what they are priced at.

Once you launched the app at a certain price you can always have limited time deals. Keep an eye on the downloads and price. By doing this you may be able to find the perfect price that gives you the most sales and can change the price accordingly to that.

Answered 8 years ago

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