We have a small booth. The audience: young founder of mainly offline (80%) and some online businesses. Mainly small business people and adequate ambition.

Here's a plan for you:

1. Before the show do research on who will be attending the show (ask for the list if possible -- PAY FOR IT)
2. Contact key people who will likely be attending the show and set up key time to meet with them away from your booth (Send Calendar invite)
3. Put together a dossier on each of the people you will be meeting (including headshot) so you have talking points and know what they care about
4. Confirm by SMS that you will be meeting (and where) the morning of your meeting -- things can get busy.
6. Followup within 24 hours about your relationship -- NO PITCHING (just keep it to 4-5 sentences)
7. Add those key relationships to your nurturing program

Answered 6 years ago

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