Is there a ratio of advertising income you can expect on YouTube based on views/subscribers? For example, for every 1000 subscribers how much ad revenue can you expect? Is there a ratio that works? What other ways can you earn revenue off your audience?

The ad income will vary drastically based on who is viewing your content and if you can have your inventory direct sold or if you're using google to fill it and if you have an MCN taking a cut, etc. But let's break it down:

Let’s assume you're part of an MCN, and you're getting a $5 CPM (probably likely). YouTube takes 45% off the top, and then you have to give a percentage to your MCN (let's say 25%). Here's how that would break out:
$5.00 CPM
$5.00 CPM x 55% to channel (after 45% goes to YouTube) = $2.75
45% of views are monetized ~ $1.24 (odds are most of your views won't have ads)
25% goes to MCN ~ $1.15
Total to creator ~ $1.15 per thousand views

I literally just did a blog post about this, you can read that here ( But, long story short, YouTube can be a great platform to cultivate an audience, and from there you can channel the audience to any number of revenue opportunities (Merch, etc). Hope that helps.

Answered 7 years ago

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