We're building a cloud based SaaS application that needs to allow company employees to use their corporate login. At this stage in the company, we haven't recognized a need for any other integration other than being able to import and export a CSV file, however, we plan to offer an iPhone and Android app as well and I'm currently unsure of the authentication / integration needs. At this point, should we start using an integration solution at the beginning or should we custom build the simplest solution as possible and just add as necessary? How prevalent are the integration issues in modern cloud enterprise sales?

It is definitely a risk to integrate with any other company. WHY? If that company has a problem your customers will not know or CARE. What your customers will know is your SaaS app was not working.
Now. if you are starting up you have to weigh the time/cost to integrate and build yourself. Risks? Pros/Cons?
If the integration can be done quickly and for low cost you can plan to build your own later and you will also have data telling you if this integration is wanted/needed.

Hope it helps some.

Answered 6 years ago

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