I am currently working to raise seed financing to support the development and launch of a SaaS venture that also encompasses a B2C model for attracting individual users. If my future plans include launching a subsidiary of this business for the purposes of leveraging the clients, user base and brand name: how might I go about seeking investors for these businesses? If these ventures operate using similar resources however each appeal to a different niche market; then how do I correctly position myself with investors to avoid either A. Giving away ownership of something unrelated or B. Failing to represent the business correctly and raising no funding. Is there a way I can exclude brand ownership from an investment: at what point do I need to start looking into the dynamics behind licensing and franchising?

Just Franchise the business. But, as this is an IT related business it can be a tricky beast. Do you have a bit more information about the business and the service it provides.

Might be able to give you a few quick pointers.

Answered 7 years ago

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