Hi I'm looking for investors in mobile apps. We are starting to see positive ARPU of about $0.20 which is good. I was wondering if anyone can help me to find investors?

As Ken suggested, there is a wide breadth of mobile offerings and although there are some great "mobile only" funds, each investor / fund has their own thesis that makes them interested in some but disinterested in others.

Also, if your revenue generating, you should seriously consider bootstrapping further. Revenue is treated very strangely in early-stage investing and *might* work against you.

AngelList is a great way to research investors but not effective in actually connecting with them.

Find investors who you are confident will be passionate about what you're doing based on prior job experience or what you know they are investing in.

Happy to talk in a call to help explain this further if you need more clarity.

Answered 7 years ago

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