We developed a learning matching plattform that compares offerrings with needs. Since we approach a new market we do not have a DB with "offerrings" and no DB with "Needs". So the old known chicken&egg causality. Its not like, were two sides have the same need its more like "Car dealers" matching "Car buyers". Problem during ramp up: Buyers find no/less dealer and deales find no/less buyers!? Any prove strategie approach is highliy appreciated.

You'll spend either sweat or cash or both.

During your drive to initial signup, I'd consider temporary use of ad placements on sites with viable traffic or leasing vacant domains for lead-gen purposes. Split the 2 halves of your demographic, and steer people toward profile creation in such a way that they add content and bring along colleagues and friends through social media.

Depending on your specific business model, you may want to do a lot of segmentation to get those really targeted spots. Billboards by the highway probably aren't for you at this point.

Answered 6 years ago

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