I am creating a crowdfunding platform with a thousands of pages connected with a database. I am outsourcing it to web devs. Option 1: Use Ruby on Rails, with contractors from India (freelancer websites) Option 2: Use node.js or Django with contractors who are friends of friends Option 3: Build it on Wordpress or PHP and find people to do it Price quotations received is about the same. Which language is good for scalability (lots of pages), has a big community (for support) and will be good to build a startup (building a team in the future)? Any thoughts?

NOT Wordpress! Facebook uses PHP among other languages, if that tells you anything.

Every programmer will be bias toward what they like and what they are used to coding with.

The bigger question for you is, have you completed your due diligence? Is there a real need for another crowd funding platform? Why would yours be so different that it would stand out among the others? Who is you target market? What is your unique selling proposition? How big is your potential market? Should you go vertical or horizontal? You may have already answered these and the two dozen other questions every entrepreneur must ask before they waste valuable time and money to become another business start up statistic.

Assuming you have a strong grasp of where you are heading and a solid strategic blueprint to be able to predict your growth, the last thing I will leave you with is this. The programing language is not nearly as important as your database structure and IT infrastructure for the purpose of scale. Not to say the language is not important - all three components work together. Spend time on the other two and work backwards.

If you would like to discuss this further at no charge, use the link below. I provide a free 30 minute consultation to first time callers.

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Kevin McCarthy

Answered 7 years ago

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