You can think about this as a method for the SaaS company to look bigger and have more customers then they actually have. There are many companies using this tactic. ie: , There are so many companies like this that seem to populate their systems with companies which are not their customers. Is this a valid tactic? I have seen small businesses complaining that these type of companies are using their company name/log/etc without there consent.


Instead of pretending that you are more awesome than you really are -- just be a little bit more awesome.

BTW, that mantra works for more than just client acquisition. It's a badass roadmap for treating your employees better, designing your web presence, or engaging on social marketing platforms.

JUST BE BADASS. Don't try to copy someone else's half-ass, poser bullshit. Wake up in the morning and ask yourself: "What can we do today that will blow our client's mind?"

And then go do that shit.

Answered 7 years ago

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