I am facing duplicate content issue. I want know about the best solution to removing duplicates We have 19 education levels which are attached with 200 categories please see following URLs. 19*200 = 3800 URLs e.g: 1. /abc/education-8-class. 1. /cds/education-8-class 2. /abc/education-9-class. 2. /cds/education-9-class 3. /abc/education-10-class. 3. /cds/education-10-class 4. /abc/education-11-class. 4. /cds/education-11-class 5. /abc/education-12-class. 5 /cds/education-12-class 6. …………….. ……………………… 7. ……………. …………… But for above URLs, same content is rendering. I want to remove all class level which is no more useful e.g (-8-class) from URLs And I want to keep correct URL 1. /abc/education, 2. /cds/education Now my actual URLs will be 200. I am not able to select which method will be good from SEO point of view. 1.404 2.301 redirects 3. Canonical Tag Or any others please suggest me

Simple questions, simple answers.

Clearly a 301 redirect case because there is no canonical value for just switching URLs...however...this is the most important line on this whole thread coming up...

You have to do a search in Google to see which pages are ranking better based on URL and keep those to have maximum ROI. To do this properly requires a rank checker and keyword list to see how the URLs rank.

Should be a snap for a SEO specialist with Screaming Frog and a proper rank checker -- at least to identify the right URLs to keep. Now, updating the URLs with a 301 redirect should probably be done in programmatic fashion to save time...

Cheers --

Answered 6 years ago

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