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I help you develop and tell your story in a way that people will remember. Talk to me if: - you're worried about being judged, nervous, and going mind-blank doing a talk/speech/presentation. - you're a holistic or social entrepreneur looking for help getting started in business. - you're preparing for an info interview or job interview. - you'd like to practice a talk/speech/presentation and get coached on your delivery and story. - you know people buy 'Why' you do what you do over 'What' you do (see Simon Sinek's TED Talk, Start With Why), but you're not sure 'Why' you do what you do. - you need to develop and hone your "My Story" story. - you're preparing a presentation for a big workshop/webinar/pitch that you want to get clients out of and want to make sure your presentation is compelling enough to get people out of their seats to come talk to you. I teach public speaking and presentation skills at a holistic nutrition school, and pull from my foundation doing much development and delivery of presentations in Business, Interior Architecture, Nutrition, Yoga. I also make it my job to meet new people and love connecting people. I can't wait to chat with you and see how I can help! Email me your question ahead of time so I can help you as quickly and directly as possible.

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This is a tough one.

When I started my prepared meal delivery service in Toronto, there was no way to make it legit working from home. I also was a vendor at a farmers' market and the only prepared products that were able to legit be made in a home kitchen were products made on a farm. Otherwise, everything needed to be made in a commercial kitchen.

Most small food businesses start out of a home kitchen until a time when they can kitchen-share with a restaurant or it becomes worthwhile to rent commercial kitchen space at a commissary.

My gut says that there likely isn't a way to make it legit, but it could depend on what city you live in.

If you were doing in-home/private chef services, this is a different story, as the food is being made onsite. This type of service requires a standard business license and food handling certifications. A permit would be required if you had a food cart or truck, as well.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions relating to this with a complimentary call. Contact me if you're interested.


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