ArticleWhat if this isn't a "Big Business"?

What if this isn't a "Big Business"?

It doesn't matter if we have a "big opportunity" if it never really accomplishes our personal goals.

Yet it's hard to avoid starting a company without thinking in terms of the market potential or the ultimate outcome. If we run around saying that our new startup could one day be a "$1 million business," we're going to get very few high fives. Yet, if we say we're going to be a "$1 billion business," we'll have people lining up to talk to us. Why is that?

The difference in that balance becomes who benefits from that outcome. At $1 million, it's almost entirely the Founders. At $1 billion, it's investors, staff, and everyone else that's joined in the party. What we need to consider is who we're really building this business for and, as such, ...

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