ArticleStartup CEOs Aren't Really CEOs

Startup CEOs Aren't Really CEOs

Becoming a startup CEO requires zero qualifications — that's because we're often not really CEOs.

Anyone who founds a company is by default the CEO. My 9-year-old daughter incorporated her pet sitting business and is technically its CEO. But she doesn't walk around comparing herself to Jeff Bezos.

As Founder-CEOs, we need to have a very sober outlook on our new title and as such, so do all of the people around us. We basically need to take the title with a grain of salt while we prove what job we're supposed to have.

Titled Doesn't Mean Qualified

I coach my 5-year-old son's basketball team and according to everyone, I'm the "Coach." Is that because I'm a good coach, or know anything about basketball? No. I have no clue what a Point Guard i...

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