ArticleHow to Tell the Board "I Need a New Deal"

How to Tell the Board "I Need a New Deal"

Most funded Founders get to a point where their current deal sucks.

It starts when we take (and keep) salaries well below market, then it extends as our position in the cap table gets crushed, and explodes when we're in Year 8 and nothing has improved.

We now run a company that isn't good for us — and probably not good for investors either. So how do we propose a change in our deal when so much time has elapsed?

Whatever we think our new terms should be, whether it's an increase in base salary, a cut of the profits, or an increase in our stock position, what matters is how we propose it. There's a specific path we need to take to insure we stand the best chance of a reset.

When it comes time to present our "New Deal" we have to go all in....

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